hello everyone! its been while since my last blog, so i thought i’d update you. things have been very busy around here since getting better and i am finding it hard to keep up with my family back home, let … Continue reading

new hobbies.

ty and I have wanted to start some new hobbies in our married life. yesterday I am pretty sure that we found a new one; although if you ask ty’s mom she will tell you it was already a hobby in the making back home. we went garage saleing! and only to find out that the friend we are renting our guest house from also loves garage saleing early saturday mornings. not only that but he knows the good spots to go to. I think I found some good knick knacks and I think I maybe should have saved our ikea trip for after the weekend.







canyon country.

canyon country.

hello friends and family. to keep you updated on our newlywed adventures in california I have decided to start a blog. my current blogging record is very sad; I’ve made a lot of promises to start blogs and have never … Continue reading